Most companies request background checks before hiring a new employee;
and sometimes for current employees. Also, background checks are
requested by individuals with a need-to-know situation. Our office routinely
performs background requests for:

  •  Employment Consideration
  •  Past Civil Involvement
  •  Court Testimony Reliability
  •  Potential Spouse Relaxation
  •  Other Legal Need-to-Know Exercises
  •  Significant Other or Online Dating Checks

If you or your company needs a fast, thorough and accurate background
checks, call us @ 410.929.3535
or contact us.
Since utilizing Veritas Process Services, LLC, I can truly say that their services have been remarkable. Veratis’ attributes of persistence and
diligence goes above and beyond the scope of what is required to effectuate and ensure timely and efficient service of process for our firm.
Veritas has been a tremendous asset and I give Veritas Process Services, LLC my highest recommendation, without reservation.

                                                                                                                           - Matthew C.Kunka, Esquire